Who We Are

Our Values


Serving our customer and teammates with excellence.


Representing ourselves honestly and keeping our promises.


We start with trust as our baseline in everything we do.


We strive to wisely manage opportunities, trust, resources, and teammates in our care.

Our Team

Richard Paulding


Richard is the President and Owner of Benchmark, having founded the company in 2006. When asked about his favorite aspect of the Benchmark Team, Rich shares that "We have established and cultivated a healthy environment where our employees can thrive. Fostering a healthy culture is the lifeblood of our team here at Benchmark. It is so exciting to see our team pick up this mantle and run with it. In turn, many of the other primary considerations that attract and retain the best employees are further enhanced as each team member’s earnings, benefits, professional growth, and our team reputation increase as we all pull together." In his personal time, Rich enjoys skiing, visiting family, traveling with his wife and older children, and spending time with his 5 grandchildren.

Nathan Paulding

Operations Manager

Nathan joined the Benchmark team in 2017 as a Project Manager, assuming the position of Operations Manager in 2019. As Operations Manager, Nathan is responsible for all Benchmark operations, spending most of his time overseeing the work of Benchmark's Project Managers and Superintendents, and strategizing how our team can improve upon our project execution. Nathan shares that he "enjoys the variety of projects entrusted to us by our valued customers, and the great Team behind me. Team focus is crucial for the success of any project, and it's something Benchmark does really well." In his down time, Nathan enjoys hiking, surf fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Alex Paulding

Safety & Quality Control Manager

Alex started his career with Benchmark in 2016 as a Project Engineer, eventually assuming the role of Safety & Quality Manager in 2019. Alex's primary responsibilities include collaborating with Benchmark's managers to ensure employees have what they need to get their work done safely and in compliance with Benchmark's Safety Program and OSHA Standards. Alex also spends a significant amount of time ensuring that the Benchmark Team maintains a high level of quality from Sales to Close-Out of each project. Alex appreciates the opportunity to grow in his professional expertice and loves the high-caliber relationships amongst the Benchmark teammates. Alex most enjoys spending time with his new wife, his friends and family, reading and writing, and all things winter-sports (though he's partial to skiing and ice-skating).


Benchmark leadership is fiercely dedicated to building our company to safely serve our customers, team, and communities in which we operate. Sending our people home safe at the end of the day is a key focus and passion of our leadership team.

Safety & Quality

Exceptional Sales & Service

Benchmark’s estimating team is passionate about taking our wealth of industry and system knowledge and sharing this with our customers. We are committed to getting it right the first time. Our number one sales strategy is our commitment to service, and it shows. Our customers regularly cite our estimating team’s attention to detail, expert insight, and exceptionally thorough proposals. These factors often put us in a consultative position where we identify issues and proactively advise our customers on glazing and panel system limitations or requirements - fending off significant project delays or issues further on in the construction process.
At the heart of this, we help our customers understand the true cost of their projects. Over the years we’ve learned that it’s never too soon to get us involved in the architectural and pre-construction phases of planning. The sooner we are involved, the more we can help refine the scope, impact cost savings and help perfect product application. Reach out to our team of expert Benchmark estimators today for our input on your glass, curtainwall, storefront, windows, and panel needs. You can expect to promptly receive a professional, thoughtful, and reliable response.


Benchmark Leadership is passionate about building our culture to attract and retain only the very best glass and glazing professionals in our industry. We have intentionally created an environment where exceptional, motivated individuals can grow and thrive.