Estimating Sales Staff (Glazing Estimator)

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The successful Estimating Sales Staff (Estimator) candidate will have demonstrated a passion for providing customers white-glove service from “invitation to bid” to “project hand-off” to our Operations department. The Benchmark Estimator will be highly skilled in service-focused, interpersonal relationships, and a tenacious pursuer of facetime with the customer. The candidate will possess the skill and technical knowledge necessary to succeed in this position, and a desire to grow in this regard. Management is devoted to encourage, support, equip and train every team member so that all prosper within our unique teamwork-oriented business model.

The work culture of BENCHMARK is one of teamwork, where each team member is to practice the virtues of humility, great work ethic and decorum. BENCHMARK team members will be held to a high degree of accountability to participate and prosper within our teamwork model.

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